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Grading Policy

The staff of Berry Creek Middle School recognizes that every graduating class faces new challenges. It is our goal to help students meet those challenges by preparing students not only for high school, but also for college and career readiness. While students must attain basic literacy, content and numeracy skills, they must also attain other essential skills included in our school’s Learner Habits and our District’s Global Ready Skills. Download the BCMS 2021-22 Grading Policy (Bilingual).

We believe that grades serve a valuable instructional purpose by helping students and parents/guardians identify the student’s area of strength and areas needing growth; recognizing that each student is an individual. Parents/guardians and students have the right to receive course grades that are an accurate representation of the individual student’s achievement of the state standards and the Eagle County School District’s curriculum frameworks.

Grades should be based on consistent observation of the quality of student work and student mastery of course content and academic standards. Students shall have multiple opportunities to demonstrate this mastery through a variety of means such as performance assessments, class activities, projects, quizzes, essays, labs and presentations. While Learner Habits are important to the success of students, they will not be recorded as either a formative or summative grade but rather families will receive quarterly progress reports on Learner Habits.

First page of the PDF file: BCMSGradingPolicy21-22ENGSPA